College Basketball Picks 1/29/2021

Big day of college hoops! With the Big 12 and SEC inter-conference matchups happening, we thought this called for a more official looking representation of our plays for the day. Of course we may always add more throughout the day on Twitter (follow us @TheSharpSidePod if you are new), but here are our overnight looksContinue reading “College Basketball Picks 1/29/2021”

UFC 257 Main Card Preview

A rematch 7 years in the making… He’s back! McGregor has arrived to make another run at the title, and the man who stands in his way has one of the best resumes in all of UFC. This highly anticipated rematch is why many fans will happily buy the paper view but continue reading toContinue reading “UFC 257 Main Card Preview”

US Open 2020

Check out our podcast where my co-host Chas Parada and I do a full breakdown of the US Open and give our favorite plays: Also check out our Twitter: @TheSharpSidePod we’ll be doing a huge giveaway for Dustin Johnson where we’ll be giving away free money if he wins! Major time! We’ve got ourContinue reading “US Open 2020”