Big East Tournament Preview

The Big East tournament is as wide open as any.  It is headed by 3 teams all between +225 and +400 depending on where you look (Creighton, Villanova and Connecticut), while the rest of the team who are on the bubble or have a shot at winning this tournament fall between +700 to +2000 (Xavier,Continue reading “Big East Tournament Preview”

ACC Conference Tournament Preview

ACC Preview: Arguably the most disappointing of the Power 6 conferences, we have seen the blue bloods not perform to expectations, and teams like Florida St. and Virginia not take the next step to reaching elite status. In this tournament, the top 4 seeds get double byes, while the whole conference makes the tournament. ThisContinue reading “ACC Conference Tournament Preview”

College Basketball Plays for March 6, 2021

LSU/Mizzou over 155: Two teams that pose a lot of problems for each other.  For LSU, their offense runs at one of the fastest tempos in the country and they look to drive and kick every time they have the ball.  Their pace and style of play creates many looks in and around the paintContinue reading “College Basketball Plays for March 6, 2021”