BIG 12 Conference Tournament Preview

While the BIG 10 justly gets their due respect for how impressive the conference is top to bottom, the mid tier BIG 12 teams and up certainly rival their Midwestern neighbors. Baylor (-150) can make an argument for best team in the nation, Kansas (+600) has seemed to disappoint, yet they seem locked into at least a 4 seed, West Virginia (+600) gave Gonzaga their best game, Oklahoma (+1000) and Oklahoma St (+1200) have exceeded expectations, and Texas (+600) and Texas Tech (+600) lived up to preseason expectations. All of those teams are locked into the tournament.

Normally, a paragraph follows the bracket graphic. We know who the teams are.

Kings of the Conference: Baylor

They’re the best team, and they might be the best three point shooting team I have ever seen. Even if they have an off shooting night, they are so dominant on the offensive glass that they get extra opportunities to score to make up for it. This is the only team that is on equal footing with Gonzaga.

Potential Killers: Texas

Texas is the only team that is complete enough to take down Baylor. You can point to West Virginia’s overtime loss, but they lost that game because their defense is not good enough to stop the four minute Baylor onslaughts. Texas is long, athletic, and incredibly deep at every position. The disruption of rhythm is what Kansas was able to accomplish to beat Baylor (Baylor’s long COVID layoff certainly contributed).

What to Bet?: 

Texas +600 .5u

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